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Przemysław Bąk {developer}
4Sea Data
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A commercial web service founded by me and launched in Oct 2013. My role was to coordinate work on obtaining data for databases. Work on the web application and data took me around six months.

4Sea Data was a commercial service which provided to its customers contact details to thousands of companies in the gas, oil, energy, and transportation industries. Website allowed the access to the most comprehensive and reliable data bases from all available on the market.

The web application  was ordered from the external contractor. My work with him was limited to the design of functionality and concept of its appearance.

The idea of the online service was born from the fact that I used to search for work using paper version of similar databases.

The project was closed after four years of existence due to the lack of time and resources to keep databases updated for maintaining their high quality, and also because of problems with reaching the target recipient.