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Przemysław Bąk {developer}
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About the project:
ASP.NET Core MVC Web application created and designed for my own purposes and willingness to practice coding with React library. You are browsing the website right now.

Main features:
  • Many-to-many relations between models.
  • A 'dialog' React app component in 'about and contact' tab, on the left side. Result of each survey is saved on the server using Fetch POST call.
  • Ability to view all results sent by Fetch, in a table, after logging in.
  • A simple one-level Core Identity authentication for the site administrator.
  • Ability to create, edit and delete generic entities for each project, technology and book entries by the administrator.
  • CRUD from the administration level.
  • Architectural pattern of MVC was taken from Adam Freeman's book along with its advantages and disadvantages.
  • In several functionalities, view components were used.
  • The application is protected against CSRF and brute-force attacks.
  • Responsive views.