Hi! I am
Przemysław Bąk {developer}
Portfolio Website
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About the project:
Solution created from scratch to present my portfolio projects. Web application contains a few words about them, my technology stack and information about me. Feel free to visit the website and fill up a survey dialog in "about and contact" tab.

Main features:
  • React.js dialog app saving visitors survey on server.
  • Identity authentication allowing to CRUD new and existing database records, view survey results, edit personal details.
  • Protection against various attacks (CSRF, brute-force, XSS, Traversal Path).
  • Responsive views.
  • Many-to-many relations between models,
  • Fetch POST call used by React.js app,
  • one-level identity authentication for the site administrator,
  • CRUD methods for various types available from admin level,
  • MVC,
  • usage of ViewComponent in layout view,
  • screen size responsivity with Bootstrap,
  • wysiwyg plugin for entity edits,
  • partly interactive header.