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Simple in use library for logging called meber methods, exceptions, properties with parameters and their values, and saving them in clear and transparent format.

Library was created for logging method calls, exceptions, property changes and additional data selected by the user from a solution, and saving the logs in a file with clear, transparent and readable format. Currently logger works only with .Net Framework.

  1. Parsing method and properties parameter values with their names, with using the minimum amount of code.
  2. Saving the parameters logs with easy to read format.
  3. Setup library configuration in separate log.config file.
  4. Synchronous calls of the library interface.
  5. Possibility to place log.config anywhere in the project.
  6. Creating singleton object of the logger.
  7. Logged data types:
  • property name with value,
  • called method name with property names and values,
  • special information strings called by developer,
  • exceptions.
  1. Configuration covers:
  • log file path and name,
  • use only in debug or not,
  • deleting logs on application start,
  • log in console and/or file,
  • console display only INFO logs
  • is called synchronously,
  • logs are saved asynchronously,
  • locking log object on creation,
  • singleton pattern for logger class,
  • facade used for hiding dependencies,
  • factory pattern for creation of tyhe logger,
  • logging unhandled fatal exceptions.